Shopping mall bathroom hand hygiene equipment solutions

Commercial plazas are places where people live, shop, dine, and entertain. Therefore, the bathrooms in commercial plazas need to provide people with a comfortable, pleasant, convenient and hygienic toilet experience. (hand dryer,hand soap dispenser,paper dispenser)When shopping malls are hit by e-commerce, "experiential" becomes a shopping mall The biggest magic weapon of the Jedi counterattack, and one of the biggest factors affecting the shopping experience of the people is the toilet! How to make customers feel humanistic care through "details are king"? Especially in the commercial plaza where women, the elderly, and children occupy a large proportion of the population, which requires more hygiene in our public toilets.Smart products are especially important. We recommend smart hand dryers, smart soap dispensers, and tissue boxes.

Paper dispenser

Model: FG5020

Meterial: Antibacterial ABS Plastic

Suitable Paper: Z Fold ,Multifold Paper Towel

Intallation: Nail-free stickers, or screw fixing

Product Size: 271x203x86mm


The Advantages of FEEGOO FG5020 Paper dispenser


paper dispenser towel No drilling installation, more convenient and easier to install


The anti-theft lock design provides safer protection for the tissue inside the toilet Paper Dispenser


Paper dispenser ABS raw material, more flexible, not easy to break


Hotel Paper Dispenser visual window design, can observe the internal tissue usage.


ABS plastic Paper Dispenser appearance waterproof design, more hygienic and safe


wall mounted Paper Dispenser antibacterial agents are added to the ABS shell material to effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria on the plastic shell. more hygienic.

wall mounted soap dispenser Recommendation FEEGOO FG2020

FG2020 is a fully automatic induction hand soap dispenser , the appearance design of stainless steel 304 material, beautiful and elegant, will not rust in the wet bathroom. There are 3 types of nozzles to choose from to suit different dispensing methods (drop soap dispenser, spray soap dispenser, foam soap dispenser). The machine has 5 gears of liquid output that can be adjusted to meet the different needs of different customers for the liquid output. The FG2020 electric soap dispense is suitable for both battery and adapter working modes.



Capacity: 1000ml

liquid supply: 0.5-2.5ml (adjustable)

Induction Distance: 50-150mm



The Advantages of FEEGOO FG2020 restroom soap dispense


Electric soap dispense Stainless steel 304 material shell, easy to clean, not easy to be damaged, not easy to deform.


Built-in anti-theft lock design makes washroom soap dispense in public places less easy to lose and safer


Automatic wall mounted soap dispense Infrared induction automatically works, contact-free and more hygienic. The best choice during the pandemic.


Micro Peristaltic Pump Technology makes the toilet soap dispenser lower noise and smoother.


Auto soap dispense The liquid output of 5 gears can be adjusted to meet the different needs of different customers. More user-friendly design.


The large capacity of 1000ml prolongs the use times of the soap dispenser and reduces the maintenance cost.

Recommended model of jet air hand dryer FEEGOO ECO9966

ECO9966 is a 5th generation smart Hotel high speed hand dryer designed by FEEGOO company. ECO9966 has an ambient temperature sensor controller added to the chip, which can monitor the ambient temperature of the place of use. When the ambient temperature is lower than the set 25 degrees , ECO9966 High Speed Jet Hand Dryer will automatically heat, when the ambient temperature is higher than 25 degrees, ECO9966 automatic jet hand dryer will automatically turn off the heating system. So as to achieve the most energy-saving state of use, and provide customers with a comfortable experience of the most ideal temperature. The cleanable design of the water channel breaks the built-in uncleanable mode of the water channel of the traditional jet hand dryer. The maintenance personnel can open the cover of the water channel on the side of the machine for cleaning, which greatly avoids the growth of bacteria inside the electric sensor hand dryer. More hygienic to use.

MATERIAL:ABS antibacterial plastic

Air Speed:75-100m/s

Noise Level:Min65 db to 69db @1m

PRODUCT SIZE:300X221X699(mm)

Packing Size:350x290x755(mm)

Water box capacity:1000ml

Filter type: HEPA Filter

Built-in antibacterial UV light


Cleanable water pipes


Wider U-slot space


Large capacity water box

The Advantages of FEEGOO ECO9966 Hand dryer


The air speed of the jet hand dryer can reach 90 meters per second, and the double-sided air can quickly dry the water stains on the hands in 7-10 seconds.


The 1000ml large-capacity water tank is designed with a transparent window at the bathroom hand dryer bottom, which can observe the water level and facilitate maintenance.


Auto hand dryer Built-in high-efficiency filter,Built-in high-efficiency filter, which can effectively filter tiny particles and bacteria


Cleanable water pipe design, not easy to breed bacteria inside the eco hand dryer. more hygienic.


Built-in UV lamp design, UV lamp can effectively inhibit the growth of bacteria inside the Electrical hand dryer


ABS antibacterial plastic, the plastic contains ingredients that inhibit the growth of bacteria, effectively preventing bacteria from surviving on the plastic surface of the uv hand dryer.

How FEEGOO ECO9966 Hand Dryer Works


Overall design drawing of FEEGOO recommended scheme