Soap Dispenser

The product adopts infrared automatic induction technology, which can automatically receive and send signals. When the user's hand reaches in front of the sensor, the sensor will automatically recognize the signal and send a working signal. Let the power supply power to the main unit, and the main unit draws the soapy liquid. To achieve the effect of automatic hand sanitizer. It can effectively prevent cross infection caused by contact with products. Microcomputer infrared automatic soap dispenser, using precision integrated circuit technology, unique structure design, open rehydration interface, is a necessary sanitary ware in homes, hotels, hospitals, public places, intelligent infrared sensing device, avoid hand contact, prevent cross infection .Using  dry battery, low energy consumption, safe, universal and convenient, to ensure long-term use. Applicable to all kinds of soaps and detergents.

On the premise of ensuring product quality, we also guarantee the ultra-short delivery period of hand soap dispensers to customers.