• FEEGOO company wishes all friends a happy Dragon Boat Festival

    FEEGOO company wishes all friends a happy Dragon Boat Festival

    duanwu festival is a traditional chinese festival held on the fifth day of the fifth month of the chinese calendar. it is also known as the double fifth. it has since been celebrated, in various ways, in other parts of east asia as well. in the west, its commonly known as dragon boat festival. &n...
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  • About Jet Hand dryer

    About Jet Hand dryer

    About Jet Hand Dryers Jet Hand dryers are a low cost and hygienic way of drying hands. Approved for use by the World Health Organisation, Centre for Disease Control and China Government. There are two distinct types of hand dryer. Firstly, the ‘hands in’ blade style which dry the back...
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  • FEEGOO soap dispenser, making efforts to prevent COVID-19

    FEEGOO soap dispenser, making efforts to prevent COVID-19

    Automatic sensor soap dispenser specific description: 1. Microcomputer infrared automatic soap dispenser, using precision integrated circuit technology, open refill interface, using intelligent infrared sensor, avoid hand contact, prevent cross-infection, use 4×1.5V dry battery, suitable for all ...
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  • A New Year, a new beginning

    Time passes quickly, inadvertently and to the end of the year. In 2020, we have experienced COVID-19, but we are grateful for each other’s company, which has made us strong enough to survive the difficult time. The bell of 2020.2021 is about to ring. I hope you will still accompany us in th...
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  • Zhejiang Feegoo Technology Co., Ltd. Attend the 2020 CEC EXPO

         As the global COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread overseas, foreign trade enterprises are faced with the dilemma of “lack of personnel” in the first half and “lack of orders” in the second half. China’s light industry, as a large foreign trade country, in orde...
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  • How to prevent the epidemic from the individual

    As time goes by, 2020 is the year to achieve a moderately prosperous society in all respects. People should be cheering and excited about this. While people are still immersed in the joy of the New Year, a smokeless war has officially begun at the moment the bell of the Year of the Rat rings. Nov...
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  • We work hard to defend against 2019-nCov, hope our soap dispenser products can help people

    We work hard to defend against 2019-nCov, hope our soap dispenser products can help people

    The world is now in the grip of a coronavirus pandemic, the director general of the World Health Organization has said, as he expressed deep concern about “alarming levels of inaction” in the fight against the spread of the disease.   In the past two weeks, the number of cases ou...
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  • How do hand dryers work, anyway?

    Whether you work in an office, exercise at a leisure centre or eat in a restaurant, washing your hands and using a hand dryer are everyday occurrences. Although it’s easy to overlook how hand dryers work, the facts may surprise you – and they’ll certainly make you think twice the next time you us...
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  • The scope of brushless motor and brush motor

    The devices of brushless motors can be used in the dairy industry, brewing industry, meat processing industry, soybean processing industry, beverage processing industry, bakery processing industry, pharmaceuticals, electronic precision factory, and some more demanding clean workshops and so on, s...
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  • FEEGOO Attend 124th Canton Fair

    The 124th (Autumn) Canton Fair was kicked off in Guangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Zhejiang FEEGOO Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the Canton Fair with original new products, once again attracting the attention of customers around the world and achieving a complete su...
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  • FEEGOO Multifunctional Hand Dryer

    Smart touch Air speed and air temperature adjusted Upload pictures Built-in HEPA https://player.youku.com/embed/XMzQ5OTE0NzM5Ng==
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  • FEEGOO New Design Double-sided Hand Dryer

    304 stainless steel material/hot or cold wind/Hepa https://player.youku.com/embed/XMzQ5NjY5MTE1Mg==
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